The Game of RolleyPulley

RolleyPulley is a game played by two people, each holding an end of an 8' pole, while standing on a ParaRoller.  The goal is to remain on your ParaRoller longer than your opponent, or try to pull your opponent past your starting point.

You should be able to walk forward 4’ on the ParaRoller and walk backward 4’ on the ParaRoller. We highly recommend having this skill set before trying to play the game of RolleyPulley.

If you are with a friend, a nice way to practice RolleyPulley is to get into the RolleyPolley position facing each other while holding the pole with both hands (see “POSITION OF HANDS ON THE POLE for playing RolleyPulley”). Then instead of trying to push or pull each other off the ParaRoller, try to help each other stay ON the ParaRoller. One person can move forward while the other person moves backward. Then each person can switch directions. This is a great way to improve your RolleyPulley skills.

At some point, when your confidence on the ParaRoller has improved, you can start really having some fun by playing RolleyPulley. You will smile and laugh a lot, for sure!



EQUIPMENT needed to play RolleyPulley

2 ParaRollers (or equivalent)
1 RolleyPulley pole: a Bamboo pole (any length from 8’ to 9’) or a PVC pole (8’ long).



THE RULES of RolleyPulley

• RolleyPulley is played while wearing socks (no shoes).
• A round begins with players facing each other 9’ apart. Each player is standing on their ParaRoller while holding their end of the pole.
• There should be at least 9’ of free space in back of each player.
• There are three ways to score points:

1. The first person to touch the floor (similar to Sumo), or be “pulled” over the opponent’s starting line (similar to being pushed out of the ring in Sumo), loses the round. One point is awarded to the opponent.
2. If you move the position of your hands, one point is awarded to your opponent, and a new round must begin.
3. If you step from your ParaRoller onto your opponent’s empty ParaRoller with both feet, you score a half point.

• The first player to score 5 points wins the game.


POSITION OF HANDS ON THE POLE for playing RolleyPulley

• Use one hand to hold the end of the pole, and then place the other hand about 5” (or more) farther down the pole, like in this photo.
• You are not allowed to move the position of your hands while playing. If you move your hands, you lose.



Advanced RolleyPulley 

• As you develop more skill on the ParaRoller, you will find that when you play RolleyPulley, you will be able to take advantage of your whole body potential, using feet, legs, upper body and arms, in a unified, controlled way.

• There are many nuances of the game that become more apparent as your skill increases. You should be aware of these things:

  • The distance your arms are from your body.
  • Whether you are leaning forward or backward on the ParaRoller.
  • Whether you are moving forward or backward on the ParaRoller.

You must also be aware of these things about your opponent:

  • The distance your opponent's arms are from their body.
  • Whether your opponent is leaning forward or backward on their ParaRoller.
  • Whether your opponent is moving forward or backward on their ParaRoller.

• A short session of RolleyPulley (5 - 15 minutes) can be a very good workout!

The RolleyPulley Pole

The best pole to use to play RolleyPulley is a bamboo pole. Bamboo poles are lightweight, very strong, won’t splinter, and have minimal bend when force is applied to them while playing RolleyPulley. When you play RolleyPulley using a bamboo pole, as you apply force, your opponent feels it immediately.

We do not sell bamboo poles because they can be rather finicky; sometimes, for no apparent reason, a crack appears in the bamboo. A bamboo pole with a crack in it should not be used for playing RolleyPulley. It can be disappointing if you are about to play RolleyPulley, you pick up your bamboo pole, and you notice it has a crack in it!

We encourage you to make your own bamboo pole. Soon, we will have a video on this webpage to show you how to craft a RolleyPulley bamboo pole, and how to repair a crack if one develops.

The RolleyPulley Purple Pole

Weight: 3.4 lbs., Diameter: 1-1/4” PVC pipe (1-5/8” O.D.)

  • This pole is a tad heavier and thicker than a RolleyPulley bamboo pole, but it simulates the feel of a bamboo pole very well.
  • Total pole length is 8’; the pole can be unscrewed in the middle to make two 4’ sections for easy transport.

Price: $45.00

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